i3ccf - Complete Solution for Point of Care Testing

Save time, eliminate common errors, and reduce reporting delays with the i3ccf drug screening collection system. Get a fully customizable software portal built for your business and streamline your testing process. i3ccf is compatible with all of NexScreen’s products.

Automate the Drug Screening Process

  • No more paper custody control forms 
  • Conveniently schedule a rapid drug test from your computer or mobile device 
  • Electronically capture donor and collector’s signatures
  • See all stages in one view
  • Real time status updates
  • Mobile-friendly
  • MRO expedited adjudication process


Follow the Step-by Step collection procedures to record a donor’s information and signature. Collect the sample.


Results are recorded electronically. Negative results are available immediately.


The final adjudicated results can be viewed on the platform within 24-72 hours. View and track all tests in one place. Generate a custom report for each test.

Non-Negative Results

A one-page Custody & Control Form (CCF) is printed for non-negatives results to accompany the specimen to the laboratory for a confirmation screening. A SAMHSA certified laboratory performs the confirmation test. No need for an extra container because the NexScreen Cup is spill-proof.

Ready to automate your point of care testing process?

i3ccf enables a user to automate the continual monitoring of hundreds of POCT drug test results while reducing: