NexScreen Urine Drug Test Dip Cards

Drug test dip cards offer a cost-effective alternative to our industry-leading drug test cups. Get the same reliability and unparalleled accuracy at a price point suitable for high-frequency testing.

Popular Configurations

5 Panel NexScreen Drug Dip Card

COC150, THC50, AMP500, OPI2000, PCP25

9 Panel (6AM) NexScreen Drug Dip Card

6AM10, AMP500, COC150, MDMA500, MET500, MOR300, OXY100, PCP25, THC50

9 Panel NexScreen Drug Dip Card

COC150, THC50, OPI2000, AMP500, MET500, PCP25, BZO300, BAR300, MTD300

12 Panel (BUP) NexScreen Drug Dip Card

AMP500, COC150, OXY100, THC50, PCP25, MDMA500, MOR300, BZO300, BAR300, MTD300, MET500, BUP10

12 Panel (PPX) NexScreen Drug Dip Card

BZO300, BAR300, COC150, THC50, MET500, OPI2000, MTD300, OXY100, MDMA500, PCP25, AMP500, PPX300

Custom Test Panels Available

Need to test for a specific set of drugs or adulterants? We can customize our test panels to meet your needs (minimum order size required).

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NexScreen Integrated Solutions

NexScreen Integrated Solutions optimizes your POCT program. The advanced electronic screening management system provides a web-based portal for managing all stages of a drug test transaction. Reduce manual work and increase efficiency using electronic collection, automatic reporting, and fully digital chain of custody and control forms.

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