10 Facts About Urine Drug Tests You Need to Know

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There are several things about urine drug tests that individuals are often unaware of. The information below is meant to provide you with different must-know facts about urine drug tests — to help educate individuals and correct any misconceptions or misunderstandings. 1. Urine Testing Is the Most Common Form of Drug Testing According to MedlinePlus, […]

How Far Back Can a Urine Test Detect Drugs?

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There is no single answer as to how long a urine test can detect drugs in the human body. It depends heavily on countless different factors, including the individual being tested and the type of drugs you’re testing for. Even the type of test you use can impact the results of the drug screen.  Since […]

What Shows Up on an Employment Background Check?

Close-up of a ballpoint pen hovering over a document labeled “Background Check” with empty checkboxes available for “Criminal Record,” “Drug Test,” Driving Record,” and “Social Security” visible.

When starting a new job or undergoing an interview process, your employer may ask to run a background check. A background check can tell an employer about your past, including both personal and work history. A background check can also be used as a form of identity verification for employers. How much your employer can […]

How Long Does It Take to Run a Background Check?

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Background checks are an invaluable part of the employee vetting process for employers. They give employers a fuller picture of who they’re hiring. They also confirm the identity of the applicant to ensure the employer is following all labor laws and industry standards. If you’re asked to complete a background check as a part of […]

6 Different Types of Drug Tests

A technician in a white lab coat holds a test tube above a small rack containing several additional test tubes filled with various fluids.

Drug testing and screening are processes most of us go through at some point in our lives. Whether you’re applying for a new job, have been accepted to a university, or have joined the military, getting drug tested is simply another part of the process. Organizations use drug testing for various events, background checks, and […]

At-Home Drug Tests: Are They Accurate?

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The quality of at-home drug tests varies widely depending on the test. However, they are often fairly accurate in terms of detecting the presence of substances, although they typically do not offer an accurate assessment of how much of the substance is present. Usually, you will need to use a lab test to get finer […]

How Much Does It Cost to Drug Test Employees?

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Drug and alcohol testing serves various purposes for several different industries and programs. For rehabilitation programs, a drug test helps tell sponsors and facilitators whether a person is abstaining from drugs. In the workforce, pre-employment drug testing can mean the difference between a safe work environment and a dangerous one. Of course, drug testing costs […]

How to Do a Pre-Employment Background Check

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96% of employers conduct background checks during the hiring process. This is common protocol across most companies, and some even test periodically during the employee lifecycle. There are many reasons why pre-employment screenings are good practice — and often legally required — for your company, including:  To ensure the safety of employees, clients, customers, and […]

What Are Background Checks and Why Are They Important?

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A background check is the process of confirming the identity of a person, and may also be used to confirm and explore more personal details, such as criminal history, educational credentials, employment history, credit history, and licenses. Background checks are typically part of the pre-employment process, although the specifics of what information will be reviewed […]