What Is a Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Test?

A row of parked white commercial vans.

A DOT drug test is a drug test that is required of anyone who is working under the authority of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and is considered a “safety-sensitive” employee. Many of these employees are those who drive commercial vehicles, who also are typically required to submit to a DOT physical. In most other […]

Do Drug Tests Also Test for Alcohol?

Close-up of a person seated in a car, blowing into a digital alcohol breathalyzer device.

Drug tests can be used to test for alcohol consumption, though most tests do not. If you want to test any current or prospective employees for alcohol use, you’ll likely have to find a drug test that explicitly tests for alcohol. Alcohol is a legal substance, which could explain its exclusion from standard tests. However, […]

What Is Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

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Pre-employment drug testing is used by professional establishments to determine whether or not a potential employee uses drugs of any kind. It is a common part of the hiring and background screening process. It’s important to include pre-employment drug testing as a part of the background check process. Not only can it help improve workplace […]

How Long Does It Take to Get Results From a Drug Test?

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Results for pre-employment screening and random drug testing can take anywhere from a few days to a matter of weeks. While employers may anticipate hiring a great candidate, they’ll need to be patient and understand that the timeframe for results from a drug test will vary depending on: What substances are being tested for; The […]

How to Prepare For and Pass a Drug Test

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It is fairly common for employers to perform background checks as well as drug and alcohol tests for prospective employees. Although there are rarely any perfect candidates, these extra screening steps can be used to create a safe and inclusive company culture. Conventional employment background checks are fairly straightforward and there isn’t a whole lot […]

What Is a 10-Panel Drug Test?

Three scientists in white lab coats and goggles working with vials and a pipette.

There are many types of tests used as part of pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. A 10-panel drug test is frequently the preferred option used to screen a person’s body for the most commonly abused drugs. There are a few different types of collection methods used — including blood tests, oral fluid tests, or hair […]